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About Me

I am a Mother of two boys, a Doctor of Chiropractic, an Advanced Xtreme Lash® Stylist, a World Microblading Stylist and Eyeliner Tattoo Artist. I have lived in Tahoe City with my husband for 17 years.  I have two Labradoodles Lucy 6 years old and a certified therapy dog who will appear at work with me to help calm my clients who may be nervous about a procedure, and our new addition Ethyl who is 10 weeks old and training fast to be a therapy dog, she is very smart.

Eight years ago, my mother fought two rounds of aggressive Lymphatic Cancer, and like the true warrior she is, she beat it twice. I went back to Massachusetts to visit her, and noticed how gorgeous her eyelashes were and she told me they were eyelash extensions. I came back to Tahoe City in search of a stylist, and what I found was NOT the quality of what my mother's lashes looked like. So, she told me her stylist said for me to find an "Xtreme Lash® Stylist and not to fool around with anyone else!" I found my stylist in Reno, (there was no one in Tahoe City). I thought to myself, "hey, I've got a health background, studied anatomy for 2 years, why not get certified and open my own business?" So, that's what I did! I am so excited to share with my girlfriends and their friends the ease of beautifying their look with Xtreme Lash® Extensions. The number one Lash Extension Company Worldwide!

I didn't stop there, when I saw a need for eyebrow shaping and the errors being made with tattooing on my clients' brows, I decided to get certified as a World Microblading Stylist in both Microblading, which is short hair like strokes and Ombre, which is a shading technique that is done over the microblading technique that gives your brows a 3D appearance. I also got certified in  eyeliner tattoo, tattoo removal and tattoo camouflage with MAC.  Now my practice has expanded and I sell the following products:

-Xtreme Lash® After-care products

-DoTerra Oils

-Sunderstrom Hemp Oil and CBD Gummies

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