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First Visit Microblading  - $449
Includes touch up visit

Tattoo Eyebrow Powder/Ombre - $549
Includes touchup visit

Tattoo Combo Brows  - $579
Includes touchup visit

Color correction/touch up after 4 mos - $59-149
(Needs to be assessed on individual basis and time)
Annual Touch-up Microblading - $199
                          Tattoo Eyebrow - $249

*Additional quotes on site for correctional tattoos depending on condition of clients old tattoo.

Microblading with Shading Technique

helps to fill in any gaps, gives an overall "Penciled in look"

Microblading using hairlike strokes

Ombre: using a tattoo technique the tail is darker then gradually gets lighter toward head of brow.

this is a fresh set of brows when healed then will lighten up.

Powder Brow: Using a tattootechnique you could have a soft, medium or striking brow look.  the above is a soft brow look.

Combo Brows: using a tattoo technique hairline strokes are place on the head of the brow and the body and tail are filled in with desired color.  These brows were done by Ms. Amber Red of Girlz Ink

For first time clients there is a $100 deposit that is refundable with a 48 hour notice for cancellation.

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