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FAQ's Brows

1. Who is a good candidate?

Anyone that wants to have full, beautiful brows all day, every day! That would include, busy parents or business people who don't have much time to apply brow make-up, active people who don't want to worry about sweating off make-up while working out or swimming, or any person who struggles with getting that perfect shape that the celebrities and make-up artists always seem to have. Other clients include those suffering from scarring, Trichotillomania, Alopecia and Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss.

2. Who is NOT a good candidate?

-Allergy to nickel

-Taking blood thinners

-Skin irritations near the area such as sunburn or Psoriasis

-Taking sun sensitizing medications (ex. Retinol/Retin-a/vitamin A - these need to be stopped at least 2 weeks before the appointment)

-Botox within last 2 weeks

-Accutane within last year

-People with extremely thin skin (transparent, translucent or very vascular)

-History of keloid scarring

-Auto-immune deficiencies

-People suffering from severe acne

-People with oily skin the strokes will appear blurred and may fade.

-Pregnant women

-Chemotherapy patients will need to check with their physician and provide a doctor's note

-People with conditions that cause them to bleed very easily (this impacts results)

-People with prior permanent makeup may not be good candidates for Microblading. This is determined by consultation.

3. Do I need to shave my hair?


No! We will shape your eyebrows as needed and choose a color pigment that blends seamlessly with your natural brows. We do not wax due to irritation of the skin.  If you choose to wax your eyebrows prior to your appointment please allow at least 4 days for your eyebrows to heal before coming to your appointment.

4. Does it hurt?

Every client is different and pain tolerance varies by client. Most clients describe the pain level as minimal and find tweezing more uncomfortable. At Tahoe Lash and Brows, I use the best topical lidocaine cream available to minimize discomfort. That being said, this is still a tattoo. You will feel some discomfort. Based on my personal experience, I would describe the feeling like a slight burning, astringent like sensation. Very tolerable and worth it!

5. How long does it take?

6. What is the healing process?

The process can take approximately 2.5-3 hours from the moment you walk in the door to completion of your beautiful new brows. This is a process that you do not want to rush trust me. The first hour or so is spent on consultation, consent forms, and designing your new brows. Trust me the time flies by and you will be happy the extra time was spent to create your perfect brows! There is no downtime! Occasionally, some clients will have some slight redness and swelling around the area which is very normal and will subside within a couple of hours.

Some swelling and tenderness after the procedure is normal and may last a day or so, depending on the client. Your new brows will appear DARKER, WIDER, AND SHARPER than the way they will heal. This is especially true for days 2-5. This is harder for some clients than others. Clients who rarely wear makeup may find that they don't like how their brows look on these days because they are too intense. That's normal! The pigment is sitting on top of the skin and has not yet settled into your face. As your skin heals over the tattoo, your brows will lighten and soften. This process takes about 10 days or so on average. Your brows will be dry and may scab a bit - it's important that you're prepared to go through this process BEFORE booking! It's important to follow all after care instructions and to attend the required follow up appointment to make the finishing touches to your new brows! Your healing is only about 50% in my control. Once you leave it's up to you to be diligent about following the instructions you're given to get the best result! And no matter how great they look, it's important to come for your touch up appointment to get the final result.


7. How long does it last?

This will vary by client. If aftercare instructions are followed diligently, your new brows will last approximately 12-24 months. For some people, their brows will last even longer. Certain factors such as sun exposure, getting chemical peels, oily skin type, etc. will affect whether your brows will last on the higher or lower end of the expected 12-24 months. There is no way for us to predict how long your brows will last or how they will heal with this procedure, since so much of it depends on skin type and lifestyle. Also, some clients really prefer a fresh, bright look. Those clients opt to come in for Color Boosts every 12-18 months instead of waiting for their brows to completely fade.

8. Will it look natural?

Absolutely! The technique used creates realistic, simulated hair strokes that look just like REAL HAIR! It's important you choose the right artist that can give you this realistic 3D look. Your brows can be as big and bold or as soft and subtle as you like!


9. Is it customary to tip and if so how much?

This a very common question that I get asked and I usually tell my clients "though tips are appreciated they are not mandatory for those with tight budgets."  In any spa setting it is customary to tip your stylist 18-20% depending on your service and how much you liked your stylist.  In a medical setting it is not required to tip your technician.  I hope this helps : ).

Before your appointment

Before your appointment:

-Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 24 hours before the procedure. 

-Because Botox can alter the position or your brows, it should be performed no later than at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

-Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products two weeks prior to treatment.

-Discontinue Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior to treatment.

-Thoroughly read all the forms given to you at the time of your appointment and ask any questions you may have.

-Be sure to advise me of any allergies, medical conditions, prior permanent eyebrow make-up and prescriptions you take prior to your appointment. 

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