Procell® MicroChanneling

                              One Visit                                           3 Visits 20% Off                                  6 Visits 30% Off

Full Face -                                   $275                                  $660                                                         $1,155    

Full Face and Neck-               $325                                  $780                                                          $1,365

Full Face, Neck and Chest -$400                                 $960                                                         $1,680

54 year old after 4 sessions






ProCell® MicroChanneling treatments offer maximum new collagen stimulation with minimal inflammation for a more beautiful you.

At Tahoe Lash and Brows, I take pride in offering my clients the most up-to-date and effective skin care therapies that enhance appearance and contribute to a more vibrant glow.

Microneedling vs. MicroChanneling therapies:

One of the most favorite and requested services in my practice is the unique microneedling treatments utilizing ProCell® MicroChannel technology. Unlike aggressive microneedling technologies, such as pens and rollers, that may cause damage and inflammation to the skin, the ProCell technology is an exclusive process that stimulates the wound healing response by the use of a patented stamp that creates tight microcurrents on the skin and encourages new epidermal growth factors, peptides, cytokines and collagen stimulation.  The procedure triggers bio-signal stem cells to build a fresher, healthier complexion with little actual damage to the skin.


Unlike costly, sometimes painful and longer down -time laser peels and chemical peels, the MicroChannel process creates channels on the skin surface and rejuvenates the skin with little to no recovery time. It has been a favorite “lunch time” procedure with savvy clientele from Hollywood to New York as they see immediate red carpet anti-aging results after the first few treatments.

Results you can depend upon with increased complexion vitality.

After many years of environmental toxin exposure, sun damage and lifestyle stress, beneath the superficial layers of the skin, your renewed vibrancy is waiting to be re-born. The ProCell MicroChanneling therapy is just the ticket on your quest for a more refreshed and vibrant you. After the first treatment, the complexion is noticeably improved with diminished visibility of aging skin, as well as reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne and acne scarring.

How does it work?

Before your treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the face and then removed before the MicroChannel process begins. The ProCell® stamp is then applied on face, neck or decollate and other parts of the body including knees and back the of the arms. Having prepared a blank canvas, the skin is receptive to absorb 80% more high quality serum that will be applied in this treatment phase. Please note for best results more than one treatment may be needed.

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